The CloudGavel Academy

Everyone agrees that there is a growing demand for advanced training within the law enforcement community and FusionStak and the National Command and Staff College are stepping up to meet those demands with the launch of the CloudGavel Academy.  The CloudGavel Academy will vastly accelerate the pace of leadership training for our law enforcement officers and command staff’s by allowing easy access to on-demand training.

The proven key performance indicators are as follows:

  • Increase Leadership Capacity
  • Increase Collaboration & Productivity
  • Enhance Well-Being & Thrive
  • Enhance Community Engagement
  • Reduce Risk & Liability
  • Reduce Internal/External Complaints
  • Reduce Litigation
  • Reduce Settlements

Academy Leadership

The CloudGavel Academy was created as a result of a dynamic partnership between FusionStak and the National Command and Staff College.  The partnership combines decades of experience solving some of the most complex issues facing both public and private sector leaders.


FusionStak is a national award-winning technology company whereby its flagship product, CloudGavel, has become the nation’s most widely used electronic warrant system.  More than 18,000 officers and Judges use CloudGavel to create, review, and process warrants electronically on a daily basis.  Alongside CloudGavel is the Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution (LENSS) that allows officers to share critical data in real-time like never before.  With the  combination of CloudGavel and LENSS, FusionStak is revolutionizing the criminal justice system to be more efficient and transparent.

Pratyush Kumar

Casey Roussel
President / CCO

The National Command and Staff College

The National Command and Staff College (NCSC) is the nation’s top training platform for law enforcement personnel where more than 17 million hours of online training has been completed since 2010.  NCSC is the leading center of professional development excellence where they have been solving the biggest learning, education, and performance improvement challenges in public safety of over 10 years.

Dr. Mitch Javidi
National Command & Staff College

Sherry Bass
Chief of Staff 
National Command & Staff College