ICLD 4.05 Versatility Skills

If you have not enrolled for the course, please click button to submit a request Request this Course ICLD 4.05 Versatility Skills Download Textbook Here. Module Overview – Versatility Skills Effective leaders are extremely versatile and receptive to the dynamics of changing environments, events and organizational needs.  This […]

ICLD 4.01 Self-Management Skills

ICLD 4.01 Self-Management Skills Module Overview – 12 Self-Management Skills The Skills in ICLD IV are a cluster of 12 skills are the skills of Living and Working effectively, the skills of Living on Purpose – instead of by accident.  The daily psychological stresses that […]

ICLD 3.12 Adaptive Decision Making

ICLD 3.12 Adaptive Decision Making Module Overview  This module discusses the need for law enforcement leaders to have the ability to make sound ethical decisions even when faced with potentially volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations (VUCA).  Making the wrong decisions under these circumstances can often […]

ICLD 3.13 Tactical Leadership

ICLD 3.13 Tactical Leadership Module Overview  As law enforcement professionals we hope that we will never find ourselves in a situation where we and our team are under fire, but we also know that this is a true reality and we must be prepared to […]

ICLD 3.05 Servant Leadership

ICLD 3.05 Servant Leadership Module Overview  This module concerns itself with one of the truly challenging concepts of leadership in the law enforcement arena, Servant Leadership.  You see, while law enforcement professionals, by virtue of the profession, are public servants, they often fail to embrace […]

ICLD 3.01 Human Factors and Leadership

ICLD 3.01 Human Factors and Leadership Module Overview This module addresses the human factors involved in policing and how they play a pivotal role in supervisors increasing safety margins internally and educating officers, as well as, the community on how human factors effect policing practices.  The […]