ICLD 1.09 Leadership Theories and DiSC Styles

ICLD 1.09 Leadership Theories and DiSC Styles Module Overview  This module introduces students to the many leadership theories studied over many years in order to give a better understanding of the evolutionary process of leadership theories and a deeper understanding of concepts and practices.  This […]

ICLD 1.10 Moral Compass

ICLD 1.10 Moral Compass Module Overview  This module is a comprehensive summary of the book “Moral Compass for Law Enforcement Professionals”, a book designed to serve as a moral compass for law enforcement professionals as they navigate the challenges and demands that face them every […]

ICLD 1.11 Active Listening

ICLD 1.11 Active Listening Module Overview  As professionals, particularly in the law enforcement profession, we use communication as a primary tool to perform our duties.  One of the most important aspects of communication is listening to what is being communicated, but we don’t receive a […]