ICLD 1.10 Moral Compass

ICLD 1.10 Moral Compass Module Overview  This module is a comprehensive summary of the book “Moral Compass for Law Enforcement Professionals”, a book designed to serve as a moral compass for law enforcement professionals as they navigate the challenges and demands that face them every […]

ICLD 1.11 Active Listening

ICLD 1.11 Active Listening Module Overview  As professionals, particularly in the law enforcement profession, we use communication as a primary tool to perform our duties.  One of the most important aspects of communication is listening to what is being communicated, but we don’t receive a […]

ICLD 1.12 Effective Communication

ICLD 1.12 Effective Communication Module Overview  The process of effective communication is so important to a leader that it must be a primary function in the development of leadership skills.  You see, if a leader cannot effectively communicate his/her message or vision to those who […]