ICLD 2.01 Generations

Module Overview This module focuses on Generations and the variety of them we now have in the workplace, as well as, within the communities that we serve.  It is imperative for true leadership success that we are familiar with the different generations and understand how […]

ICLD 2.02 It is Our Ship

ICLD 2.02 It is Our Ship Module Overview This module is a summary of Captain D. Michael Abrashoff’s second book, “It’s Our Ship, The No-Nonsense Guide to Leadership”.  You see, after Abrashoff’s successful naval career he realized that although he had successfully created an environment […]

ICLD 2.03 Practical Emotional Intelligence

Module Overview This module addresses the importance of having a strong sense of emotional intelligence and its relationship to strong leadership.  Emotional intelligence is critical in law enforcement both internally and with public interactions.  The instructor defines emotional intelligence and its practical uses in law enforcement.  […]