ICLD 2.11 Legacy Leadership

ICLD 2.11 Legacy Leadership Module Overview This module discusses Legacy Leadership, the concepts behind it, why it’s important, and the things we have to do to make sure we have a strong legacy mindset.  Doing this promotes our organization and protects our future.  Students will be […]

ICLD 2.12 Succession Planning

ICLD 2.12 Succession Planning Module Overview  This module is designed to offer insight on how to adapt and overcome one of the greatest challenges facing many law enforcement agencies in the twenty-first century. That challenge is Succession Planning.  Succession planning is a powerful concept in […]

ICLD 2.13 Human Capital Management

ICLD 2.13 Human Capital Management Module Overview  This module focuses on Human Capital Management (HCM).  It is an approach to employee staffing that perceives people as assets or human capital, whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment.  […]