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Module Overview – Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management

As a result of the changing culture of law enforcement the first line and middle manager roles have a greater responsibility for coaching, leading and communicating.  Even front-line officers are expected to be more of a leader and facilitator.  This module is designed to introduce you to the understanding of your natural style of communicating with others and to help you understand and apply the four (4) Facilitative Conditions: Genuineness, Empathy, Respect, and Specificity.

Skills Covered

Upon successful completion of this module student should be able to:

  1. Self-Disclosure: Sharing Appropriately with Others.
  2. Image Management: Taking Responsibility for How You See Yourself.
  3. Impression-Management Skills: Taking Responsibility for How Others See You.
  4. Attending: Giving Undivided Attention to Others.
  5. Observing: Simply Seeing another Person without Distorting or Judging.
  6. Suspending Frame of Reference: The Key to the Golden Rule.
  7. Questioning: Appropriate Gathering of Information.
  8. Listening: Checking for Others Intend to Mean.
  9. Responding with Understanding: Getting on the Inside.
  10. Assertiveness: Speaking Honestly and Kindly with Self-Control.
  11. Confrontation: Telling People the Truth about Unacceptable Behavior.
  12. Challenging: Helping Others to see Strengths and Opportunities and Move Towards Positive Change.