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Module Overview – Team and Organization Development Skills

The purpose of this module is to provide the law enforcement professional with skills that will allow them to become more capable of creating high performance, high morale teams within the organization so that personnel will actively participate in the planning and implementation of the organizations mission, vision, goals and initiatives.

Skills Covered

  1. Informal Assessment Skills: Walking Around Talking with People.
  2. Formal Assessment: Research, Interviewing, and Reporting.
  3. Problem-Management Facilitation: Leading Teams Through Resistance to Change.
  4. Needs Clarification: Clarifying the Need for Change.
  5. Readiness-Checking: Overcoming the Real Blocks to Change.
  6. Values Alignment.
  7. Vision and Purpose Consensus-Building.
  8. Strategy-Consensus Building.
  9. Implementation Planning: Specifying and Implementing Steps, Dates, and People to Expedite the Achievement of Goals.
  10. Strategic Plan Monthly Review and Team Performance.
  11. Leading teams Toward Continuous Learning for Continuous Improvement.
  12. Building Accountability.