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Module Overview – Versatility Skills Effective leaders are extremely versatile and receptive to the dynamics of changing environments, events and organizational needs.  This module is designed to help students understand the importance of versatility and how this skill will help them to develop their own style and become more responsive to the unique and ever changing characteristics of individuals, teams and organizations.  Students will gain an understanding of how role, style and skill shifting can improve their overall leadership performance. 

Skills Covered

  1. Assessing Your own Personal Style.
  2. Learn to do Better People Reading.
  3. Assessment of Personal Styles and Style-Shifting.
  4. Assessment of Roles and Role-Shifting into appropriate tasks.
  5. Intentionally Assessing (53) Style, Readiness, Willingness and Ability, and (54) Shifting Skills.
  6. Recognition of a Team’s or Organization’s Stage of Development.
  7. Facilitation of the Organization Development Stages.
  8. Formation and Facilitation of a Cross-Functional Continuous Improvement Team.
  9. Assessment of Leadership Skills to Help Yourself and Others Plan for Further Development.
  10. Coaching Other Leaders to Become More Effective Leaders.
  11. Lead Environmental Scanning and Initiating Proactive Responses to Future Trends.